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Gutters need to be kept clean.  They fill up with moss and dirt that falls from the roof as well as with dead leaves.

If a gutter is blocked the rain water will not drain properly and this may lead to dampness problems.

Let Kingfisher Services clean your gutters.  We are experts and can do this both quickly and cost effectively.



Gutters need maintenance and repairs from time to time.  Ends can fall off or brackets can break.

In both cases this will mean that rain water will cascade down the external wall rather than down the drainpipe.  This can cause dampness problems.

Kingfisher Services will inspect your gutters and will give you a cost effective quote for any necessary repairs.


A gutter hedgehog is a cylindrical brush like tub that is used to line your gutters in order to help keep them free of leaves and other debris.

A gutter hedgehog has a stainless steel wire core with lots of plastic bristles sticking out from it (it is about 10cm in diameter).

A gutter hedgehog keeps leaves out of the gutter whilst letting water flow feely.  Any leaves that do become trapped will be broken down by the bristles.

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